About Us

CFM Group was created for first time home buyers, young couples, single parents or anyone on a tight budget
 who needs affordable, safe  and stable housing options. CFM Group’s In House / In Home lending program
 is a home ownership option 
that provides you the stability of home ownership.
 Unlike other mobile home lenders the In House / In Home program means you can have a home that fits your family and your budget.

Companies like Vanderbilt Mortgage, 21st Mortgage (Clayton Homes) and Oakwood Homes provide a wonderful and in some cases, turn-key service for home purchasing. They offer beautiful homes with amenities that you wouldn’t think were available in a mobile home and are a great option for folks in the $30,000 and up price range for a home. If that sounds like you we’d be happy to make an introduction.

What we do differently is offer a service to those who are looking at a more affordable option or an older home in an existing community. We will work with you on loans under their minimums and on older homes that they simply are not able to finance. This is where we shine and how we’ve made a nice niche to be able to service your needs.