The cash flow of creating mobile home notes is a great way to keep a consistent known flow of money coming in each and every month. But what if something unknown comes up or you need a lump sum of cash immediately? Or if you’re just ready to get out of the game?

CFM Group may be able to help. We are actively seeking to purchase these notes. We’ll look at what you’re holding, review the mobile home, the park, the payment history and make you a fair offer. Since all underwriting is done in house we’re able to move quickly and get you the cash you need when you need it.

Bear in mind that our offers will be a discounted percentage of the cash flow left on the note. We look at the principle balance, interest rate, remaining term and then plug our proprietary business model formula in and have a figure for you. This is not a program for everyone, but if you think it may be of interest we’d love to talk. And as always you’re under no obligation what so ever, and everything discussed is held in strict confidence.